School Operations

The recruitment of talented, innovative and highly capable teachers is imperative to your school’s success. After recruitment, a staff preparation, welcome and expectation-orientation programme is essential to prepare staff to work professionally in their new surroundings.

However, the careful repatriation of departing teachers is equally as important as successfully accommodating new staff. In an atmosphere of unity, close co-operation and respect, daily practices should be clearly identified, thoroughly explained, critically examined, inspected for fairness and in laid down in writing. As your school progresses and develops, you will have to establish:

  • Clear recruitment policies
  • Definitive and practical guidelines
  • Working agreements in writing, with contracts that are personally signed
  • A handbook itemising your school’s procedure for departing staff

Global Schools Management can provide:

  • Written practical documentation and procedural policy
  • Knowledge of and practice with international recruitment
  • The sourcing and supply of internationally experienced educators
  • Assistance with staff, senior personnel and executive management recruitment.
  • Over time, there will be a need to develop staff, provide ongoing supervision, renew and terminate contracts and provide formal evaluations

To help you with these tasks, GSM can provide:

  • Detailed job assessments and itemised job descriptions
  • Practical appraisal and review procedures
  • Professional in-service training and assessment programmes
  • Consultancy services and formal review procedures

Finally, Global Schools Management organises the recruitment, selection and placement of teachers and administrators appropriate for each school setting.
GSM staff work with international school organisations, recognised recruitment agencies and our network of outstanding educators to seek and select the most highly capable, dynamic and enthusiastic professional educators available.

Good schools deliver; bad schools simply fail, fold and fade away. It is very much a matter of good housekeeping and consistently achieving results set against increasingly demanding standards.

Your school will need to:

  • Manage school finance with business-like efficiency
  • Itemise annual budgets and set forecasts of achievement
  • Understand how to manage cash and plan for capital expansion
  • Measure its success set against realistic deliverables
  • Establish working profitability over the longer term
  • Create a realistically achievable development and expansion programme
  • Manage risk and provide contingency reserves

GSM can provide:

  • Assistance with planning and itemising financial objectives
  • Written practical documentation and procedural policy to ensure effective financial management
  • Consultation and review procedures
  • Onsite assistance with formal documentation and working practicalities
  • Workshop on risk management and proper levels of reserves and insurances
  • Informal audit on practice and procedures

The library and media resource centre are your school’s pathway to the future. They provide core learning, new knowledge, enhanced skills and heightened awareness of all that the world is and what it has to offer.

To be effective, your school will need:

  • A clear policy on what your library is and what it should be
  • In-depth detail on how to plan library use and funding
  • Insight on how it can be used to help your school to achieve its goals
  • A programme for teaching library skills to school personnel
  • A full commitment to the latest and newest advances Information Technology (IT)
  • Access to IT and media resources within the library complex
  • A continuous programme of refreshment and revitalisation
  • Access to and knowledge of what is current
  • A policy to deal with content deemed unacceptable and/or undesirable
  • Strong links with reliable suppliers
  • .

Global Schools Management can provide:

  • Library management software
  • Guidelines, library standards and good practice documentation
  • Library policy for dealing with unacceptable material
  • Detailed knowledge of reliable global book suppliers
  • Strategy and implementation advice and consultancy
  • Financial planning and long-term policy provision
  • Keeping current and best practice guidelines
  • Tracking methodologies and effective ordering procedures

Global Schools Management can help your school set up a risk management culture by conducting trainings to identify risk whether for normal school operations, field trips, or for country, climate and political risks.
GSM has the resources to create specialized insurance products underwriten by major insurance companies to cover for unusual situations, such as tuition payments in the event of the death of one or both parents.

GSM with its many contacts in the school insurance business can provide comparative quotations from the major providers in order for your business office to make informed and cost advantageous decisions on insurance whether for medical, disability, travel or personal effects.

To maintain financial stability and fund future expansion, you will need to regularly promote your school to the local and international community. Intake numbers will largely determine what is possible, probable and practical for you and optimising enrolment is essential to your school’s progress and long-term survival.

Your school will need to create:

  • A clearly defined, imaginative and inventive marketing strategy
  • Marketing materials that speak of your school’s quality, direction and unswerving commitment to provide outstanding education for every student

GSM can provide you with:

  • Highly effective marketing strategies
  • First class design and cost-effective marketing product
  • Leaflets, brochures, adverts, flyers, folders and websites
  • Knowledgeable consultancy based on global success
  • Onsite consultancy programmes