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October 27, 2017
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Bicycle Ride From New York City To Connecticut: Upper West Side Of Manhattan To The Bronx

I am not a tourist, just a teacher. Actually, I’m a literature professor, currently employed by a university in Indiana USA and teaching for a Sino-US program at a university down in Ningbo, China. Maybe I will write about Ningbo later, but now I want to write about Anshan. But I don’t want to write this as a teacher of writing*.

DuSable Museum of African American History. Free every Sunday; free Sat.-Sun., November 5-6 for Bank of America credit or debit card holders (must show card and photo ID; valid for card holder only). Open Tues.-Sat. 10am-5pm; Sun. noon-5pm. 740 East 56th Place (corner of 57th & Cottage Grove), Chicago. 773-947-0600.

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The Oriental Institute. Free every day (suggested donation $7 adults, $4 children under 12). Open Tues.-Sat. 10am-6pm (Wed. until 8:30pm), Sun. Noon-6pm. 1155 East 58th Street at the University of Chicago. 773-702-9514.

Who is Bates? What is Bates theory? And how can it be so magic? You may come up with these questions in your mind. Bates is Dr. William H. Bates who developed the Bates theory to help people improve their eyesight in a natural way without the help of glasses or contact lenses. He was graduated from Columbia University in New York at the college of Physicians and Surgeons with a medical degree in 1985. Owning more than 20 years of ophthalmology’s practice, he was awarded many prizes on his outstanding performances and researches on eye health and corrective vision issues.

Where much of this gets tricky is that we’re an all-volunteer freelance writing for blogs writing jobs from home Peru freelance writing pricing organization–everyone has jobs and families and their own art–so time is the great buzzkill. Lucky for us (and I know I mentioned this before, but I’ll mention it a thousand times) we’ve got a fantastic team and an audience that just takes our breath away, every time, every show. We also have Amanda, who has the vision and balls and efficiency and hilarity and drive to helm our ever-growing ship. I’m in awe of her, actually.

As for the Denver jazz scene and its musicians, Tyler only has positive things to say about his time in Colorado. As for his most memorable moment, he said it was when he recorded the most recent Ninth & Lincoln album. The album, Static Line, was released on June 14th. Tyler composed all of the music, as well as produced the album. Ninth & Lincoln’s first self-titled album garnered national attention and praise for it’s inventive compositions and dynamic performances. The album earned Tyler many of the nation’s top jazz composition honors including the ASCAP Young Jazz Composer’s Award in 2008-2010, and the ASCAP/Columbia college Commission in Honor of Hank Jones in 2009, and was given a 3.5 star review in Downbeat Magazine.

Michelle Tennant: You know, you know and there’s gonna be the next big thing, right? Whatever is after Twitter and then we’re all going to have to reorient ourselves, too. Okay, well here’s another crayon out of the box, right?

It is interesting to note that a younger Gordon-Levitt escaped the fishbowl reality of the entertainment industry after he finished “3rd Rock from the Sun” to live and study at Columbia students. With that focus returning anew, he remained quite humble about its effects today.

There are several well reputed film schools in the country. Well, if California is always going to boast of highest number of film schools, followed closely by New York, you still have lot of other film schools in rest of the country.

Each year, rather than setting goals, I choose a quality to focus on. Last year, when choosing the quality – I chose Beauty. Or – I should say, BEAUTY chose me. because when I looked at the list, it jumped out at me and said – PICK ME — it’s time you worked on this.AND I DID.

Thank God, today, I can now look myself in the mirror and sing. “You are so beautiful to me”. and in fact, I can’t help but look at all of you and say the same thing. FOCUSING on Beauty as a Quality of God has made an enormous difference for me — Whatever we focus on increases. I see Beauty in all people I meet – I see beauty in nature and even in the circumstances of life that I would have previously called CHALLENGES. There’s an exquisite BEAUTY in the way life is ordered. You see, whatever quality you focus on increases. When you decide to see yourself as a Midlife Woman in the Age of Miracles, you get to Focus on GOD instead of where you think there is a lack or limitation, and so you get to see Infinite Potential everywhere – especially in yourself.