School IT and other services monitoring with Nagios

Devices and software monitoring for a school:

As your IT infrastructure grows, monitoring and proactive maintenance becomes critical.  In a technology dependent organization has array of devices and software running 27/7; these are critical to the organization. For example mail system, leaning management system, internet connectivity, phone system, cctv system, fire alarm system. Detecting failure of any of these systems in real time is almost impossible without a monitoring system in place.

An enterprise network monitoring system can check software and device health 24/7 and can generate alerts when fails or is likely to fail.  On detection of an alert, the network monitoring system will create a push notification and escalate the notification using a pre defined escalation matrix until the issue is acknowledged and resolved. Such systems are accurate, instant and proactive. Nagios is an open source system which has both free and commercial implementations which provides the full functionality of a network monitoring system.

What is Nagios

Nagios can monitor your computer systems, phone systems, school management application, learning management system, hosted services, physical and virtual servers, UPS, CCTV, internet connectivity 24/7 and generate notification or alarm, if and when they go down or get low in resources. Automatically predefined tasks can also be performed for recovery when certain events occur. Such a system can generate regular MIS reports and help you plan for future growth and updates to your network and storage.

Monitoring helps service quality, avoids unwanted downtime, allows planning for proactive maintenance. As it is fully automated, it saves on manual monitoring. This helps you to maintain a growing infrastructure without a growing number of technical support staff.

How we can help

We can help you implement Nagios, an open source enterprise class network monitoring system with user dash board, role based access, monitoring all your device and application uptime and health, with email and sms notification, an escalation matrix, predefined SLA’s,  etc.

We also provide managed services on the deployed system with SLA, which includes remote, proactive monitoring, technical support, update and upgrade, backup and recovery.