Needs for graduate certification work; requirements for the content and structure of work

Needs for graduate certification work; requirements for the content and structure of work

General needs for final qualification work

Graduate work regarding the graduate expert (needed brevity graduation work, but thought as graduate qualification work, GQW) is just a qualification work of academic and research nature performed by graduates on the basis of theoretical knowledge and practical skills acquired for a five-year amount of study. It aims to consolidate and expand the theoretical knowledge gained within the specialty and specialization, and in addition shows the professional reasoning developed throughout the research, the abilities and abilities of applying theoretical knowledge for the formulation and solution of specific scientific problems, the capability to execute a crucial analysis for the scientific literary works and creatively discuss the outcomes and practices research.

The graduation work is completed during the graduating divisions associated with the faculty, that provide topics of diploma works and determine their leaders that are scientific. The pupil gets the straight to choose the topic of work from on the list of proposed by the department, plus the proposal of their subject, while supplying the justification that is necessary the expediency of its production. The theme for the diploma is normally associated with the themes associated with the coursework and bachelor’s work performed by the student in 2-4 courses. Scientific leaders should really be, being a guideline, individuals having a scientific degree or title that is academic. The graduating department can invite scientific advisers for specific sections of the work if the diploma work is interdisciplinary in nature or is related to the themes of other organizations and institutions.

The approval of theses works, their executors and scientific supervisors is produced by the rector regarding the university on presentation associated with the graduating divisions. Terms for the protection and performance associated with the diploma are dependant on the curriculum. Certification work ought to be written for an topic that is actual point out of the problems, the clear answer that would help increase the effectiveness associated with the professional activities of a professional. This content of GQW ought to be dedicated to the answer of issues of theoretical, methodological, systematic, methodological or experimental character. The requirement that is main the outcomes obtained during the performance associated with the graduate qualification work is their practical importance for the specialist psychologist.

Demands for the content associated with text of work

The text of this graduate qualifying work should contain:

  • – the theoretical substantiation for the issue as well as its relevance;
  • – analysis of literary works regarding the research subject and look for solutions to the problem;
  • – the outcomes of these very own research that is empirical this topic;
  • – particular proposals and technologies in the area of future professional task;
  • – development of recommendations on making use of research materials in practical activities.

The job should highlight the points of view within the literature regarding the subject, their analysis and presentation of these mindset to solving issues that are problematic. GQW should mirror the information of medical and literature that is methodological this issue therefore the ability to critically measure the ideas of numerous writers. a important requirement of GQW may be the legitimacy associated with the conclusions and proposals outlined with it, which must match towards the tasks assigned within the work that the student solves for the duration of their separate activity.

General demands for the design and structure for the GQW

The structure associated with the manuscript includes the next elements that are main your order of these location:

  • – title web page;
  • – content;
  • – author’s abstract (for master’s theses);
  • – introduction;
  • – chapters for the main component (if required – paragraphs within chapters);
  • – conclusion;
  • – listing of utilized literature;
  • – applications.

This content associated with the GQW is disclosed in its text that is main of a introduction, 2 or 3 chapters, broken on to subsections (paragraphs), conclusions. At the conclusion of the task, a bibliographic list is mandatory. Enrollment of this graduate qualification work should always be carried call at strict accordance because of the requirements for the style of text documentation plus in compliance because of the primary provisions of this standards.

General demands for work are:

  • – quality and logical sequence of presentation of the material;
  • – persuasiveness of argumentation;
  • – brevity and precision of formulations, which excludes the possibility of these ambiguous interpretation;
  • – concreteness into the presentation of this link between the task;
  • – credibility of recommendations and proposals.