Multimedia Server

Multimedia Server/digital asset management:

Schools multimedia management requirement:

Today’s school creates and uses lots of multimedia content, starting from pictures and video to movies, music, podcasts, presentations and more. The challenge is to manage the content, with a proper catalog that can be searched, previewed, and published. These files are heavy in size, large in number, with multiple copies taking up storage.  People who manage these files mostly do not follow a standard cataloging system when they are created and stored; making most these files difficult to find, access and use.  A scalable solution is required to address a school’s digital asset management.

Proposed solution

The solution we propose is a digital asset management server/multimedia server. This is a web based application which can host all digital asset/multimedia for your school. We propose an open source application called ‘ResourceSpace’. ResourceSpace can be used to store and catalog multimedia content in a standard way. ResourceSpace comes with a rich search interface, advanced cataloging, auto previewing conversion, advance search, support collaboration and publication of content. All these features are accessible from a web interface which is available on the local network or on the internet as per the school’s requirement.

How we help

We help you install and deploy ResourceSpace, integrated it with your central authentication system and other applications as per your requirement. We also provide managed services for this application with Service Level Agreeements (SLA), which also includes proactive monitoring, technical support, update and upgrade, backup and recovery.