IP Phone and PA

IP phone and Public address System for school

Voice communication requirement for school

All schools require an internal communication infrastructure like phone and public address system. Today’s classrooms are already wired for data connectivity and we take advantage of your existing data connectivity to provide IP phone and PA system without additional cabling.


An IP phone system has many obvious advantages over traditional telephone systems. It supports features like voice mail, group calling, conference calls, video calls, ring groups etc. An IP phone system implemented by GSM can double as your school’s Public Address system. It can be integrated with your existing email system. In an IP PBX system all extensions are virtual, therefore extensions are portable to any location where an IP Phone set or soft phone is located; you may access your extension directly from your mobile or other supported handheld devices even over your existing wireless network, home internet or mobile phone network. While IP Phone systems can be more expensive than traditional PABX system, you can save much more in total cost on what you don’t need to invest on cabling and administration. You can also use your IP Phone infrastructure and devices to access your supported CCTV system.

How we help

We use open source IP telephony solution for schools using Asterisk. As a software service we provide deployment and installation service for an integrated IP Phone and public address system. We also manage the deployed system with SLA; which includes proactive monitoring, technical support, update and upgrade, backup and recovery.