Internet Security and Management

Web Content filtering and internet bandwidth management:


Access to the internet is probably one of the most critical part of today’s education system. In an international School we have students of all ages. Internet as we know it is unregulated and requires an additional security and access layer to ensure access to age appropriate content. Teachers and administrators need to control web contents by various categories for example, social network,  education, downloads, email, dating, porn, violence, hate sites etc. At times school also needs to control, who can access what on a certain time; for example teachers might be allowed to access download site during off hours.

Fair access

In many parts of the world, internet is a scarce resource and requires a fair share policy to ensure its smooth access. As a resource, the  internet is used in various ways, i.e. webpage, email, file storage, document collaboration, voice and video conferencing, remote access. For real time communication such as chat, video, voice, conference etc. the internet requires real time priority,   for other communication such as email, blog, web access, social network, Youtube videos require second level priority and finally  downloads of larger files, Dropbox sync, etc.  can wait for access after other services are given priority.

Individual users may need to be limited to a predetermined amount of bandwidth, when total use of bandwidth reaches its peak, so that the internet facility as a whole does not stop working for the whole institution.

How to ensure quality internet service:

We can help you implement content filtering and set up a bandwidth controller for your education institution as per your policy and needs by providing age appropriate filters on the gateway to secure student access from inappropriate content. and by providing bandwidth controllers with content based priorities will help ensure the optimum use of available internet resource.