Helpdesk management

Helpdesk management and ticketing system with OTRS

How can a school benefit from helpdesk

An international school or any school is a service company which is committed to provide quality education services to its students and parents and has to perform in many areas to uphold this promise. For example, monitoring classroom supplies, health and safety, IT services, transport services, housekeeping services can be operated in a more efficient way by using a management and ticketing system. Helpdesk management is an advanced software tool that can be used to log, monitor and measure the requests of users and the quality and time taken for response by the appropriate service provider.  Each query or request for assistance is logged as a ticket and assigned to a service provider who manages the request until the delivering of the needed service is completed and the ticket is closed.  The system does this in a timely, track-able way that  will  make all parties accountable for their requests and actions.

What is Helpdesk management system/OTRS:

OTRS is a Helpdesk management system that is open source, completely web-based, supports ticket creation by the customers (in a school it could be students, teachers, partners) who require a service, support or who wish to log an issue or complaint for follow up. A predefined group of people will be assigned to the request where one person has to acknowledge and follow-up on the ticket until the issue is resolved. An escalation matrix to push the request up the administrative chain can be attached in case of delay.  Customers can monitor the progress at each stage and would know when the issue is resolved. An overall performance matrix can be monitored within the system.

OTRS supports knowledge management, self-service, service catalog, ticket management, time accounting, single sign-on, survey, reporting etc.

How we help you with Helpdesk management:

As a software service, we can help you with installation and deployment of the Open Source OTRS system in your educational institution.   We define processes, assign groups, permission and an escalation matrix as per your schools need. We also create reports which will help you monitor each process. We provide managed services on the deployed system with SLA which includes proactive monitoring, technical support, update and upgrade, backup and recovery. We also provide hosted service on OTRS as per your requirement.