Email Collaboration

October 1, 2013
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Email, calendar, task management and collaboration with Zimbra

Email, calendar, task collaboration:

Email is probably the most used communication tool in today’s world. Additional functionalities have been added to email to make our everyday email collaboration more useful and efficient. Zimbra is Outlook compatible supports all MS exchange features and more. This includes shared calendar and task, chat, personal and global address book. Zimbra can also be used as a part of unified communication system (voice and video). It can be used over the web or used with Outlook or through apps on android, blackberry, iphone, nokia or windows phone systems. It supports syncing email and address book, calendar sync with push email service.

Zimbra can be used by the teachers for their effective communication, and for the students to expose them with a business like email system and teach them real-world communication and collaboration. Usually institutions prefer using the commercial edition for staff members and the free edition for the students.

Zimbra runs on the Linux operating system, requires less resources, there is no vendor lock down and is  less expensive in licensing (for commercial edition) compared to MS Exchange.  Zimbra is easy to administer and comes with support personal narrative essay topics backup, archiving, and advance search features.

How we help with Zimbra:

We can help you with installation and deployment of Zimbra,  both the open source edition and licensed education edition.  We can migrate your existing email system to Zimbra, integrate Zimbra with your central authentication system, help build and manage a global address book for you.

We provide managed services on Zimrba to ensure up-time of your service with SLA, which includes proactive monitoring, technical support, update and upgrade, backup and recovery. We also offer hosted services on Zimrba.