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GSM Consultancy Services are customised for each client and delivered by a team of highly experienced international educators.

GSM specialises in the following areas:

  • Combining national curriculum standards and requirements with international education programmes and practices
  • Curriculum Design, developing and implementing international education programmes meeting globally recognised standards
  • Migrating curricula from national standards and content to international programmes of study

Ultimately, it is the curriculum that will define the standard of your school’s success and the quality of its long-term achievement. Your curriculum must:

  • Deliver to universally recognisable and globally acceptable standards
  • Translate instantly and easily into clearly defined classroom methodology
  • Promote and facilitate learning through research and understanding
  • Inspire students through personal challenge and desire

GSM provides:

  • First hand knowledge of globally successful curricula
  • Curriculum design and implementation expertise
  • Onsite assistance with curriculum design, implementation and development
  • Practical guidance with curriculum documentation
  • Formally drafted documentation and curriculum modelling
  • A reporting structure for parents that provides a detailed assessment of each child’s personal progress

Global Schools Management designs and conducts comprehensive school audits, including, by request, detailed assessments of specific elements of a school’s programme and standards of operation.

The GSM school audit process is designed to identify areas of strength and those areas in need of strengthening, to help schools assess their current performance in all areas of school operations and to develop a plan for on-going improvement.

Accreditation and Evaluation steer your school toward achieving the long-term goal of continuous improvement. Whether it is IB Authorisation or CIS Accreditation, it is vital to keep standards high and make the school the object of desire for parents considering their children’s education.

That means recognising the importance of:

  • Your school's ethos and the ambience and well-being it has created
  • School standards that everyone respects, accepts and shares
  • Objective interpretation and a policy of continuous review
  • Assessments by outside agencies, statutory bodies & professional agencies
  • A culture of improvement fed by demand and expectation

GSM provides:

  • Guidelines, standards and good practice documentation
  • IB Authorisation or CIS Accreditation policy, procedure and documentation
  • Onsite programmes to prepare for and successfully secure international accreditation
  • Formal review of policies, practices and procedure