Backup & Recovery System for your School

Why backup is critical

in a 21st century school we can store all our school data electronically. We have electronic student records, student works, administration data, emails, various configuration and systems data and much more. without a proper disaster recovery plan data can be valuable.

We can loose data mainly by the following cause

  • Human error at any level of the organization, students, staff, systems administrator, external attacks etc.
  • Systems or hardware failure: failure of server hardware,  data storage media or corruption of software systems
  •   Natural disaster and act of God: flood, fire, earth quick, thunder strike

Data needs to be available despite any failure. For protection against data failure we use redundant hardware as well as backup systems. Redundant hardware will protect us against hardware failure and maximize systems uptime, while backup shall protect against human error, software or systems error and any natural disaster.

Having a regular backup provides required availability and integration the school’s/ educational institutions data; backup needs to be performed regularly in time using an autonomous system, stored and archived as required, all backup error should be addressed and finally the backup data should be restorable. It is critical the institution has a backup policy and implements the polity to protected data at all times criticality .

International schools are required to have the ability to recover data in such failure  or error.

Using Zamanda

Zamanda is an Open Source, Open Standard enterprise grade backup system, which can be implemented in any organization.

We can prepare a backup policy for all your systems; we can implement the proposed policy with Zamanda. Such a backup system can protect you against human error, malicious attack, hardware failure etc.  or other disasters. Zamanda can store backup data on network attached storage locally or in a remote location, on external hard-disks, tape media for all different type of data including electronic contents, documents, system data, databases. All these can be backed up by a scheduler automatically as per your backup policy. Zamanda will manage, retain, archive these backup data for a pre-defined amount of time. The system also generates a MIS report on all performed operations and creates alerts on any failure.

We also provide managed services on the deployed system with SLA’s, which includes proactive monitoring, technical support, update and upgrade, backup and recovery