Global Schools Management is a consultancy service made up of educators, business professionals and IT systems and software experts who have worked together in established and start up schools on five continents over the last twenty five years. These schools have taught the range of curricula from IB, American, British GCE, and IGCE as well as a number of national curricula that had to be integrated with the imported product. The schools have spanned the not for profit parent run type through proprietary schools owned by individuals or large corporations. During this period, education has changed enormously and the systems used to maintain quality have evolved with the IT revolution. We believe that GSM has the ability to bring you the best and the latest tested solutions for your educational needs.

Great schools aren’t born, but they are created. They are fashioned from the skills, disciplines, knowledge, awareness and inventive originality of senior management and the total buy-in of all staff, at every level. If the platform is sound and the framework level, then sustained success, with the highest standard of continuous achievement, is the inevitable result.

In education, success is never an accident. It is the result of the collective industry and sheer hard work of leaders who have the vision to inspire every person within the organisation – the staff and students, parents and community, Governors and administrators – to embrace the school’s philosophy, work with its beliefs and create a future that matters for everyone involved.

GSM has the skills, knowledge and capacity to help make this happen.

School Management and Leadership

Members of the GSM Team have held Superintendent and Director level positions, with overall responsibility for whole school operations, in a variety of outstanding internationally accredited international schools.

They include;

School Start-ups

The GSM Team has led and been directly involved in a wide range of challenging and comprehensive school start up projects across the globe. These projects have encompassed all pre-operational tasks required to open a school in a variety of regulatory environments:

General Tasks involved:

  • defining the school concept
  • feasibility study
  • site based master planning
  • facilities scope and design
  • construction and project management
  • interior design and fit out
  • school handover

New School Projects include: